Who we are

We are a health-conscious company that values the importance of the mind, body and spiritual connection. That’s why Why Bars is the superfood snack food of choice for anyone living a busy, active lifestyle, from weekend warriors to professional athletes to everyone in between.

Organic, vegan, gluten free and made with simple, natural ingredients you can pronounce, Why Bars provide a balanced, portable food option that tastes great and sustains your energy level between meals, allowing you to focus on your activity instead of your hunger. Throw one into a bag or purse for a healthy, filling snack before or after a hike, run, workout or practice. Because when you’re not hungry, you can go about your business of being awesome. 


It was meant to be

In 2009, Chef Jay Kinney started crafting small batches of protein bars made with the most wholesome ingredients he could find. With the creation of the Detroit Crunch Bar, Jay knew that he was onto something awesome. But how to get it out to the world?  

Fast forward to a cold winter morning in 2017. The forecast called for snow. A lot of it. Chris Forte, a successful entrepreneur-turned yogi, decided on a whim to take an earlier class at his yoga studio rather than his usual one in hopes of making it home before the snow started in earnest. Following his practice, Chris went across the street to the health food store to get a post-practice smoothie. That’s where he ran into Chef Jay, who was dropping off a batch of bars.   

Curiosity piqued, Chris asked to taste one. He took a bite, and it’s like a divine light went through him. A lifelong bar eater, Chris had given up eating them since he could never find one that was both healthy and delicious. But immediately, he knew this one was what he was special. And when he asked Chef about the ingredients, Chris knew his instinct was right.  

Suddenly, the path forward was clear. Chris knew that he and Jay were meant to be partners. With Chris’s business acumen coupled with Chef Jay’s genius recipe, together they would bring these outstanding snacks to the world.  

And Why Bars were born. 

That fateful meeting gave rise to a company built out of mutual respect, passion and a spiritual belief that in just a moment, everything can change for the better. And three years later, Why Bars have become the superfood snack food of choice for anyone living a healthy, active lifestyle, from weekend warriors to professional athletes to everyone in between. 


Finally, a bar that is as good as you are…


Meet our Why Bars athletes

From professional athletes, to rising collegiate stars, to trainers and yogis, our athletes choose to fuel their active lifestyles with Why Bars. Discover who they are and how they motivate us to push to the next level.



We walk the talk  

Why Bars was founded on the guiding principles of health, family, fitness and love. Today, Why Bars is made up of a team of diverse, passionate and talented professionals whose mission is to bring customers the best superfood snack on the market – a bar that is delicious, makes you feel good and gives you the fuel you need to be awesome, every day.

But even more importantly, we each walk the talk. We are bar eaters. We live a healthy lifestyle. We are courageous. And we firmly believe that the Why Bars mission is bigger than each of us individually.  

Made in Michigan

In a world of processed foods, authenticity is critical to setting yourself apart from the generic. Health-conscious consumers want to know exactly what they are putting in their bodies. Period. So we take tremendous pride in making and packaging Why Bars in small batches in our own sustainable kitchen just outside of Detroit, Michigan.


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