headshots.jpgChef Jay Kinney has always been on the search for snacks that were organic and tasty. In 2009, Jay started crafting small batches of bars made with the most wholesome ingredients he could find. With the inception of the legendary Detroit Crunch Bar, Jay knew that he was on the path to something special. After a wave of success, he later introduced the Mango Ginger, Vegan Apple and the Vegan Cacao Bar.

Fast forward to 2017. Jay met a high-powered Yogi, Chris Forte, and exchanged books. After tasting the bars, Jay and Chris realized that there was massive potential in bringing the concept of  WHY BARS to the world. WHY BARS would soon become known as the tastiest energy bars on the planet! Portable, quick and easy snacks that actually taste amazing.

Why Bars is a super food snack bar that is made with simple ingredients that provides healthy energy for today’s active lifestyles.  Why Bars soul purpose is to simplify the demands of daily life by providing a great tasting bar made with natural ingredients, provide a boost of energy and curb your appetite. It’s the perfect, portable food option for athletes, families and anyone living a health-conscious lifestyle