Legends partner with Why Bars

FRISCO, TX, (Dec. 28, 2021) - The Texas Legends have announced a new partnership with Why Bars, the superfood snack.

Why Bars are organic, vegan, gluten free snacks made from all natural ingredients. The health-conscious company was born in 2017 from a fateful meeting of two minds looking to bring nutritious snacks that people would enjoy to market.

“We are excited about the partnership with the Texas Legends,” said Why Bars Co-Founder Christopher Forte. “We are a community-focused company, and we value partnerships with like-minded organizations. The Legends, their staff, and players are focused on getting better and bettering the community around them, and we look forward to joining in those efforts.”

The partnership will give Why Bars a strong presence on the Legends’ social media but will also have branding in the team’s home arena. Why Bars will also be providing bars for the team throughout the season.

Why Bars currently partners with a number of professional and collegiate athletes, trainers, and yogis who use Why Bars to fuel their active lifestyles. The partnership with the Legends is the first of its kind for Why Bars as they explore the various avenues of the sports industry.

“We are thrilled to provide our team with further nutritional options that will enhance their healthy lifestyle,” said Legends President Malcolm Farmer. “Why Bars is a great snack alternative for all those trying to stay active amidst the hustle.”

Fans are invited to try Why Bars using the code LEGENDSBOGO to buy one get one free on the website whybars.com/shop.

For more information on Why Bars visit whybars.com. To learn more about partnering with the Legends email info@texlegends.com.

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Media Contact:
Marni Raitt
Why Bars
(323) 633-6120 marniraitt@gmail.com

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